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Vendor Advantages

7 Reasons why businesses choose to offer Lease Plus equipment finance solutions to their customers

1. Satisfy the customer’s needs

Allows the customer access to convenient capital to purchase your product and gives the customer another purchasing option.

2. Increase Your Company Sales
Attract customers looking for a financing solution and expand your customer base by providing an easy payment solution.

3. 100% Financing
Leasing allows your customers to finance 100% of your invoice, including software, installation, freight, training and taxes.

4. Increase The Size of Your Sale
By allowing your customers to spread the expense of your product over time, you can now show your customer that for a few additional dollars per month they can afford to obtain additional features.

5. Build Repeat Sales
Once you have leased equipment to your customer, use that relationship to build repeat business.

6. Customize Program
Not every vendor, product, or service is the same! Call us today to set up a customized financing program, fit to meet you and your customer’s needs.

7. Quick Service & Fast Answers
We are focused on providing the highest quality customer service to our vendor’s. We are always available to give a quick quote to you or your customers, and provide feedback and fast answers to anything that may come up.

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